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ORMOS Institute was opened at the beginning of the 90’s. It was named after János Ormos, who lived from 1890 to 1942 and worked as a natural medicine practitioner. ORMOS Institute deals with general and alternative medicine and aims at combining the most up-to-date achievements in medical technology with high level methods of natural medicine. In the past decades workers of the Institute have been doing their best to heal the patients visiting the Institute.
Our Institute applies a wide range of treatments to cure various groups of diseases such as respiratory, cardiovascular, spinal-articular, gynaecological and urological problems as well as diseases of the digestive system. Furthermore, we cure addictions such as smoking, obesity and alcoholism.
At our Institute waiting time is unknown. We receive patients in a relaxing environment of high standards at appointments fixed in advance on the phone. The success of our treatments is proved by the many returning patients. We are pleased to be at your service!